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While most college students can be found spending their free time eating pizza and avoiding homework, I can usually be found in the gym or scrolling through endless pages of “Pinterest. I'm somewhat of a health-nut, a yogi and a wannabe Pilates teacher. I'm all about healthy living, fitness and of course, a cupcake or two!

[me on the left and my sorority sister, Taylor, on the right]

I came to school with somewhat healthy habits and high hopes of avoiding the dreaded “Freshman 15”. While I managed to stay in better shape than some, I gained a few pounds and a few bad habits. Late night snacking and crappy dorm food got the best of me, and soon I was consuming things that I would never have put in my mouth before school started. Pizza, Chinese food and cookies became my new best friends, and while I enjoyed the company my body didn't. I felt gross and unhealthy after eating processed and sugary foods but I had trouble stopping my cravings.

[at my favorite cupcake place in Champaign]

But, I’ve changed my ways to create a healthier and happier me. I’m not promoting insane diets or workout routines, rather a healthy lifestyle that can be easily adapted to any dorm room or apartment. I’m here to show you how you can make nutritious changes to your life and create healthy habits that will come naturally in all situations. Whether you’re at the bar, in the dining hall, out to dinner or at the gym, I’ll provide you with tips and tricks on how to make the right choices when it comes to food and fitness.

[my boyfriend and I]

You can contact me at: rachiemuse@gmail.com for any questions/comments!

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